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WR recently travelled to join the fun and mayhem at the recent Aero Hobbies day organized by Adam, Tim, Frank, John, Steve, Harold, and WR assumes many others. Excellent day of gaming across one long tabletop.

CA West is Wild game (from WAB Western games)

Check your six (Aerial WWII and in the parking lot when backing out)

Minas Mirth LOTR WAB like game. Larry S. is running this game at Strategicon next month.

28mm Bolt Action Germans vs. Russians I remember.

WAB 28mm (Rome vs. the unwashed ones)

WR played as one of the filthy Germanics. The Germanic successfully avoided the feeble Rome attempt to bring modern hygiene habits to the hairy Germanic tribes. Aided by the other filthy German chieftain Adam…. we song and danced as the Romans held out soap bars. Us Germans preferred to knock helmets and shields, chase funny Roman riders and check out the latest in Roman bolt thrower technology.

One day WR will learn the secret to posting on the new HMGS-PSW Forum…. but WR is lazy about resizing photos. Here they are auto sized to the page. WR approved.

Eat your carrots…..End of report.


P.S. Click on the photos and they expand….larger and larger.

WR travelled south to join in some Sunday gaming at Aero Hobbies (Santa Monica). Every month on the first Sunday, Adam or one of his loyal henchmen put on the monthly Aero Hobbies Gaming day.

This monthly event featured four different games:

A large 28mm Bolt Action with 10 players and their platoons and squads. Included a special detachment of sheep skilled in the art of camouflage and lack of movement (as the bullet fly). Word had it they ended the game holding their position.

A double Dystopian War gaming table with several players working the rules and showing interest in the finer art of Victorian warfare (futurist).

Check Your Six aerial warfare game (WR joined in) with Japanese and American planes seeking ace glory.

Adam and his orange spider led army matched against a “Human army” in Warhammer.

A gallery of photos taken during the day.

WR played in the CY6 aerial game. Ralph and Matthew vs. Steve and the aerial WR. Tucking his long ears under the leather helmet, WR’s flight of 4 Zeros (2 skilled, 2 green pilots) maneuvered into position to engage the American Yankee dogs. Banking and turning with Steve’s Jake and three “can they fly” Zero’s….the opening shots left the bamboo wonder weapons full of tail holes. Someplace there was a flight of seagulls laughing their beaks off. So, the crafty Japanese thought up a new plan….lure the American dogs into flying themselves into the same space and height of two unskilled Japanese zeros. Crash…crash…crash….another crash. One downed Zero with dead pilot, one Zero with heavy damage flying off slow and straight (easy meat if any American plane in area left) and two severely damaged American planes forced to fly level and no turns (more dead meat). Steve has played hundreds of CY6 games…never seen a 4 way crash before. The remaining two American planes (one with no ammo)  dived for the deck, after seeing the aerial mash up, while the Japanese hawks circled the American dead ducks. Game ended with Japanese rising sun ruling the local area with the tough seagulls.

So much for the flight training. Japanese with 100 hours (if that)…Americans with thousand hours+….one crash and both equal. Need to attach spear to prop hub as Warhammer takes to the skies.

Side note…WR started his day with unsual breakfast. One egg produced two yolks. Normally WR has one egg limit at breakfast…so is this one egg? or two? Early morning thoughts for the WR to ponder. Picture for filing with the evidence department and some how WR thinks the seagulls are involved.

A double yolk day at breakfast for WR.

If free on 1st Sunday….stop by Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica for fun gaming. Aero Hobbies located at 2918 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA.

Cheers from Aero Hobbies and the local warren.





The 1st Sunday of the month has past and another Aero Hobbies gaming day. Having the time off for the Sunday, WR drove down to see the action and maybe jump into the swirling melee. Pictures show more than words….so straight to the camera lens view for a few live shots.

Store entrance view of the long "six games" table.

The other end of the long gaming table.

Games in progress: 

Germanic invasion of the Republic of France…..15mm “Crossfire like” 1940 game.

15mm ACW with the clash of Blue and Gray….and a touch of butternut. Johnny Reb rules I think.

The popular 15mm Flames of War, again early war with a 1940 theme. Also see Frank’s pictures on HMGS-PSW Yahoo group.

Check your 6 aerial combat….more on this game later.

Star Fleet fleet action amidst the lost rocks of space.

Before the “Flying Rabbit” makes his appearance (possible hint), some close up photos of the games. Note: Frank recently posted pictures of the FOW game on the HMGS PSW Yahoo group site. Link

Steve's 1940 German's vs. French game. German side entrance about to go "stage left" and engage the French.


Le French with their colorful tanks and armored cars.

Johnny Reb in action with Confederate view.

More Johnny Reb. Union holds the woods.

Star Trek amidst the rocks.... Harold....did you ground a Starship?

We come to the “Flying Rabbit”. Well, seeing Steve’s Check your 6 game, this WR don’d the leather helmet…tucking the long ears under the flaps, and gunned his engine. Flying Rabbit at the stick (FR).

After a solid 15 minutes with Steve….you too can fly this model with basic instruction, the FR was ready to fly his Corsair. First action. Defend the DD from a flight of Japanese kamikazes and Betty bombers with Oaka’s. No problem since the Navy destroyer figured out their lives will depend on their AA gunners and not the trainee flight. Steve never saw so many Japanese planes being blasted out of the sky (rolled three “12′s on 2 D6). The shocked Japanese remaining kamikaze was easy “meat” for the FR and his “hold down the trigger till you run out of ammo” attack.

Three Japanese Kame in flight. Two soon to drop from highly accurate naval AA. Rookie FR is flying the green post Corsair lining up the blue Zero.

Flying Rabbit scores while emptying his guns.

Ok…..first scenario done….next game. Massed Japanese assault on the fleet picket DD. As the naval AA is blasting half the Betty’s from the airspace (more 12′s), Flying rabbit is flying his two Corsairs (promoted!) to flank the pack of angry Zero’s. His co-player Ralph has his flight of Corsairs joining in. Opposition flights flown by veteran Japanese players Steve and George.

Ralph and Flying Rabbit. Rabbit's flight on right (green & yellow). 1st Betty in distance just got blasted by AA again by dice rolled 12 again.

Banking and turning....soon tangling with the Zero's after they dropped their bombs. (Rabbit grinning).

Firing his guns....Flying Rabbit breaks into the Japanese formation. Ralph goes for the surviving Betty as the other half of Zero (with bombs) head for DD.

Naval AA blasted two more Japanese planes as some sharp ship handling prevented all but one small bomb landing on the DD. Still, Flying Rabbit was shot down tangling with 4 Zero’s (claimed one more). Co-flight Ralph flamed one Zero and damaged the Betty but the Oaka missed the DD. Overall, much fun as Floating Rabbit found his rubber dinghy.

Third game…..yes three games in one afternoon. Flying Rabbit with George co-flight took on the Japanese Zeke/Jack fighters. No Navy in this game….Steve didn’t want to see the near impossible again occur (Naval AA downing planes everywhere on rolled 12′s). After some flying towards the two Japanese flights, George and FR went after the leading flight. This opened with a 4 planes on 4 planes “OK Corral” gunfight.

3rd Game...4 on 4 aerial gunfight.

Gunfight over....smoke planes and each side lost a plane. Those Japanese can shoot!

FR lost his co-plane, both George’s Corsairs have airframe issues, one Japanese shot down and another with engine damage. George’s flight had to pull away with FR after a brief tangling with both Japanese flights. FR found a local cloud formation to dodge chasing Japanese and disengaged with George’s damaged planes.

Hey….Diving, climbing, banking, pushing the trigger….and rolling the Naval AA. What else can a FR want… Steve’s eyes as another natural “12″ is rolled maybe.

Thanks Steve, George, Ralph and others for the experience as FR paddles his rubber dinghy to the friendly DD.

Special note: Thanks to Aero Hobbies, Adam (organization) and Tim for actual (over seeing the event) gaming day. Good fun for all.

Other Wargamerabbit adventures can be found at: Link to Warren.







Under the direction and excellent organization of Adam H., another Aero hobbies (Santa Monica CA) game day has come and gone. With several events planned, even the rainy day didn’t prevent active gamers from their appointed dice rolling.  Reported by WR from Wargamerabbit.

Game presentations: WR’s 25mm /28mm Napoleonic game representing a 1805 Elchingen like action, a 28mm WAB Siege and Conquest game (storming the old french castle), and a 15mm FOW desert battle. Three different game write ups given below.


WR’s Napoleonic game was a scenario loosely based upon the battle of Elchingen 1805. Dan brought his early Imperial French so WR rostered up a 1805 Austrian force for tabletop action.

French Lannes V corps: Two French divisions of line and legere regiments (9-10 battalions). One battery of 8lb artillery for each division. Attached light cavalry brigade of three regiments (2x hussar, 1x chasseur a cheval) and 4lb horse battery. Small reserve artillery command of 2x 12lb positional batteries.

Austrian Column under FML Riesch: 8 line regiments (8×3 btns.), small hussar half regiment, my 1790′s carabinier regt for favor, 2x 6lb positional artillery, 1x cavalry batteries.

Table overview with Austrian forces deployed on the hillside (Abbey of Elchingen) and along the right side of photo.

Austrian deployment at start

Austrian plan….hold the hillside with the abbey position, then push the French right flank with strong Austrian force.Even an Austrian can follow those orders.

Austrian massed forces on Austrian left flank await the french appearance

French arrive. Their deployment was one command per turn….so the order of appearance was…French infantry division, French light cavalry brigade, French infantry division, reserve artillery (2x 12lb) if required. First French division arrives below. Two legere and two-line regiments with their 8lb battery. Read the rest of this entry »


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