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Membership in HMGS-PSW entitles you to reduced admission to our Spring and Fall conventions, discounts at certain hobby stores, and paper copies of The Occasional Messenger, our newsletter.  All good reasons to join, I will admit.  The best reason though, is being connected with one of the largest groups of historical miniature gamers in the Western United States.


Our website has a series of public and private forums to allow interaction between members.

Dramatis Personae

At present there are four club officers:

PRESIDENT —Dana Hohn. Email: president (at) The President is the leader, the organizer, and the “herder of cats.” The President identifies the tasks that need to be accomplished, marshals the troops and logistical support, and keeps watch to make sure the hill is taken.

TREASURER —  Jim Murphy Email: treasurer (at) The Treasurer’s duties include keeping track of the group’s finances in all aspects and issuing the group’s financial reports. A tedious and thankless, yet essential, job.

SECRETARY –  Don Hawthorne Email: secretary (at) The Secretary’s duties include keeping the minutes of all meetings, keeping the membership roll accurate and up to date, sending out notifications of all meetings, elections, and votes to be taken, and holding the group’s records and seal. Another tedious and thankless, yet essential, job.

The club officers also sit on the Board of Directors.  There are two additional Directors, bringing the total to five.


WEBMASTER –  The Webmaster(s) are appointed by the Board of Directors; they work in the background to keep our website running smoothly by updating and administering it and by keeping “spammers” out—a vital but often overlooked job. The website is a real asset to our club but it entails some behind the scenes work to ensure its smooth and continuous operation.

There are and will be additional posts to be filled on an “ad hoc, as needed” basis, such as Convention Manager (a post held at the moment, but not in perpetuity, by Frank Vassallo) and committees for various tasks. Members will be cajoled and dragooned when necessary for these, but hopefully you, the members, will forestall the press gangs by volunteering to help out in whatever way you can. We need and appreciate any help you can give!