WR recently travelled to join the fun and mayhem at the recent Aero Hobbies day organized by Adam, Tim, Frank, John, Steve, Harold, and WR assumes many others. Excellent day of gaming across one long tabletop.

CA West is Wild game (from WAB Western games)

Check your six (Aerial WWII and in the parking lot when backing out)

Minas Mirth LOTR WAB like game. Larry S. is running this game at Strategicon next month.

28mm Bolt Action Germans vs. Russians I remember.

WAB 28mm (Rome vs. the unwashed ones)

WR played as one of the filthy Germanics. The Germanic successfully avoided the feeble Rome attempt to bring modern hygiene habits to the hairy Germanic tribes. Aided by the other filthy German chieftain Adam…. we song and danced as the Romans held out soap bars. Us Germans preferred to knock helmets and shields, chase funny Roman riders and check out the latest in Roman bolt thrower technology.

One day WR will learn the secret to posting on the new HMGS-PSW Forum…. but WR is lazy about resizing photos. Here they are auto sized to the page. WR approved.

Eat your carrots…..End of report.


P.S. Click on the photos and they expand….larger and larger.

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