The December version of the “Occasional Messenger” is now available.  Highlights are listed below, with a link to the full newsletter at the bottom of the post.


- Tim Keennon

HMGS-PSW Fall Election Results!

The chapter had its first election in three years at the “October Surprise.”  All three positions were unopposed.  Our  new leaders are:

  • John Harrel-President
  • Steve Reid-Vice President
  • Tim Keennon-Secretary/Treasurer

Congratulations to our new leadership team and thank you to Bill Witthans, Harmon Ward and Matt Denny for three years of service to the chapter.

October Surprise! Convention Report

Another convention come and gone…

HMGS-PSW returned to the spacious interior of a National Guard Armory, this time in Azusa.

Board Meeting Report

On 8 December, 2012 the HMGS-PSW Board of Directors held a meeting at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Anaheim.

Of Kamikazes and Campaign Books (Part 2)

Or why I’m Always Playing the Same Game?

As the success of the JNAF tokkotai became known the JAAF decided to get in on the act. In early November 1944 the first JAAF tokko units were created and began to fly suicide missions. A fundamental difference between the tokkotai of the two services was immediately apparent: different target priorities. Whereas the JNAF always considered aircraft carriers the top priority for the kamikazes, to the JAAF, more intimately connected with the fighting on land, the most important targets were transports and cargo ships.

Productive Painting, The Dicta Hildebrand (Part 1)

I really like to paint and generally get compliments about my work, but where I really excel is in my productivity. I get a lot done, and from conversations with others I gather that this is something that most people struggle with. Available time is obviously the most important factor, and I do spend at least two hours with a brush in my hand each day, but getting the most out of those two hours makes a big difference.

Chanukah and History

Most members of our society are amateur historians as well as war gamers. One of the basic tenents of HMGS-PSW is educating the public about important events in military history.  At the request of my temple (Temple Beth Emmet, Burbank), yearly I set up a sand table and deploy my 20mm plastic Hellenistic figures to represent three battles of the Maccabee War for Jewish independence.

The Occasional Messenger – December 2012


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