WR had the opportunity to spend an enjoyable day down at the local Hobby Day event run by the St Crispins group. As by some of the photos taken, the events list was encompassing for this monthly event held every 2nd Saturday each month. This is becoming a mini miniature and board game convention held every month. So, if you have a chance to come by and, better yet, join in, all are welcome. WR understands the event hours run from 9am to 9pm. Lunch and dinner food/drink is served for a flat $5 and parking is free in one of the local lots out back.

Some of the games seen in the main hall:

Large Flames of War (FOW) “Tankgiving fest” game (8k per side)

Warhamer 40k game

The classic Squad Leader game

Check Your Six (CY6)


Stae Wars Xwing

Agents of Smersh

Gorodeczna 1812 with 15mm miniatures

Plus the members working at the painting and construction table.

Gallery of game photos with brief WR tag lines:


Cheers from the mobile warren,


Don’t forget to check out the actual WR warren for other WR field reporting: WARREN

St Crispins group information: St Crispins







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