This past weekend WR traveled south to Long Beach CA and joined in a 28mm Clash of Empires (COE) ancients game. The Battle of Mantineia 362 BC scenario was enlarged and based upon the same battle mentioned in “The Rise and Fall of Persia” (pg. 124) COE supplement.

Keeping the classical hoplite lines.... the Greeks advance.

Spartan Alliance in foreground advance towards the Arcadian League.

The view towards the right flank. Spartans in foreground with Thebans in distance.

The complete battle of Mantineia 326 BC after action report can be read, viewed with pictures and commentary turn video links at: Battle of Mantineia 326 BC

Players with any interest learning ancient warfare and Clash of Empires rules are welcome to contact WR directly (see about the WR tab on Wargamerabbit) for the next scheduled monthly game. Between David and WR, the collections are massive, numbering in the thousands of painted 25/28mm miniatures in over dozen plus armies. So, don your ancient armor, grab that long spear and form in alongside the Long Beach group.

Cheers from the warren,

Michael aka WR




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