This weekend WR traveled south to participate at Bob’s local monthly 25/28mm napoleonic game. Seven players in all including WR’s son Daniel joined in the rainy day action. Scenario was designed to assist two new players understand the game mechanics and feature larger masses of wheeling and charging cavalry action for both flanks.

French with two infantry divisions (12 battalions and two batteries each) plus a chasseur a’cheval cavalry division (4 regiments) formed the center position of the French army (Bob and Dan). On their right flank the French had another light cavalry division of hussars and chevau-legers (4 regiments) under Andrew. French left flank had two dragoon divisions (4 regiments each) commanded by Daniel. In reserve just off the rear table edge was the small French guard cavalry division ( 3 regiments) and the reserve French cuirassier division (5 regiments). Each cavalry division had attached horse battery.

Russians had their two infantry divisions (12 battalions and four batteries each) screened by their cossack division (4 regiments). Each russian flank had one of the two cavalry divisions (6 regiments of dragoons, hussars and uhlans) commanded by Dave (left flank) and Andy (right flank). WR filled in as needed commanding some infantry in the center and encouraged Andy with the right flank cavalry.

Game started with both sides racing their infantry towards and on the center hill. On the flanks the armies sent waves of cavalry squadrons to engage their opposites. Russian cavalry reinforcement arrived to stem the early French cavalry successes, changing the flow against the French cavalry. Eventually, the French reserve cavalry showed up on each flank and with their arrival the Russian flanks would be soon hard pressed. In the center, the French infantry saw the Russian cannon unlimber and slowly bombard the French infantry lines. With losses mounting, the French infantry slowly retired from the center hill position. But with their French cavalry flanks having slow grinding success, the Russian central infantry divisions decided they would have to retire and not expand upon their central hill position.

Scored as a minor French victory by all.

Great game. Thank you to Andrew, Andy, Dan, Daniel, Dave, Bob…..and WR as reporter and dice chucker.

Note: Galley photos enlarge with successive clicks on the photo.

Fans of napoleonic warfare are welcome to join in the dice tossing, miniature moving and good fun each month. Contact WR at mrverity58 (at) and visit Wargamerabbit at his game warren blog. Lots of game details and rule mechanic videos posted on site.

Cheers from the warren,



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