Wargamerabbit (WR) has returned back to his warren from a successful HMGS-PSW convention. Hats off to the HMGS-PSW team which effectively created the convention from nothing to a full convention in one month (Bill, Harmon, Matt & David). Pictures and some quick game comments observed by WR:

HMGS-PSW Winter 2012 Con main room. Right view from main stage.

HMGS-PSW 2012 Winter Con main room. Left view from main stage.

Friday Night:

WR’s first game was Friday night. Titled “Breaking the San Fratello line; Sicily 1943″. Over the years, WR has collected a large collection of 20mm (1/72) miniatures. Enjoying the popular Flames of war game system, WR has adapted 15mm FOW to the large miniature scale of 20mm. Full game details can be found in WR’s blog site. Link & Link…. but here are some action pictures….

Breaking the San Fratello line game. Overview picture of entire table at game start.

San Fratello position with Italians. Americans advancing in forward across rocky ground under shellfire (spotting round).

San Fratello game long view showing the foreground beach landing and the San Fratello ridge battle in distance. More pictures on http://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com

Along with the San Fratello game, Friday night had three other games running. First up is the 15mm AK-47 “Trouble in Kismayo” game featuring some Imperialistic Kenyans advancing on the local “native freedom fighters aka terrorist scum” (depending on your world view). Game master was David. Seems the players were having lots of fun based upon the “active voices” around the table.

"Trouble in Kismayo" AK47 Game HMGS-PSW 2012 Winter Con Friday night

Another view of the AK-47 game in action.

Second to mention is the “Fun in the Philippine Skies” with Check your 6 aerial combat rules. Run by Steve & George, these popular rules ran throughout the HMGS-PSW CON with different variants. Japanese seems to be popular opponents this season.

Check you 6 aerial combat action held during the three day convention. George at left of photo....Steve off camera.

Lastly, for Friday night there was a Uncharted Sea game, with excellent models, which seemed to by popular with the young generation. Richard was hosting the event and the players seems to be into the sounds of constant action. If picture available….please submit to HMGS-PSW please.


Saturday was the main convention day. Lots of gaming for all who attended. Seen by WR on the PEL and at the convention were:

AK-47 15mm “So, you said you wanted a Nuke? game

Fire & Maneuver WWII 1/72nd “Counterattack-Army Group North 1944″

Check your 6 aerial game “Sweepers. Man your brooms” 

Command Combat: Civil War 15mm “Fort Donelson”

Fire & Fury Regimental 15mm “Stones River= The Battle comes to Sheridan”

Crossfire WWII 1/72nd “Death in the Boccage”

Modified Old Glory rules (25mm/28mm) “Pirates of …….some local Main”

Well Home Brewed rules…25mm “Battle of Sacile, 1809″

Large General Quarters WWII naval game on the basement table. Mark Wells from AZ had a hand in this action of British BC’s vs. the Bismark. A brief glance showed 6-8 players enjoying the action. WR hopes the GM will report in and write up a report as no details from the PEL can be found.

Wings of War game was on game standby if players wished a quick flight…..argh Dogfight”.

Since WR was busy running his Battle of Sacile 1809 game, his efforts to discribe the back and forth action would be limited. But…the trusted camera did click off a few photographs and a video. Hopefully the GM’s can write up their game stories for the HMGS-PSW blog pages.

AK-47 Game "So you said you wanted a Nuke? Smiling faces says it all. David D. was gamemaster


Fire & Maneuver game "Counter-attack Army Group North 1944" hosted by Mark "Duke" D.

Fire & Fury Regimental "Stones River- the Battle comes to Sheridan" game.

Another photos of Jim S's "fold it up & travel suitcase style" game board. Stones River. Check out the real hinges. Seems the sun had a special spotlight for this game too.


Crossfire "Death in the Boccage" game with our local leader Bill in charge.

Another view of the Crossfire game....American in the creek and without paddles....

Hats & Dogs....Dogs of War group are at it again with their Pirates...of some local Main game.

More Pirate action.....moving the waddling ships. Table crowd "cheers" when their "crews" dive into the sea...collateral casualties says the GM Chris.

More Dogs of War action here on the YouTube video: Video Link. Hopefully the DOW group will post their version of the Pirate vs. Spanish story.

We come to WR’s game Battle of Sacile 1809. Additional commentary can be found on the WR’s blog site Link & Link….but several photos for the HMGS-PSW reader.

WR's Battle of Sacile 1809. The French advance against the Austrian advance guard.

Battle of Sacile 1809. French and Italians advance against the Austrians.

Battle of Sacile 1809 General overview mid game. French still advancing.

Austrians putting up a fight near Sacile.....Local counterattack pushing the French back late in the game.

Late in the evening....11pm I think......Gamers still tossing dice.


Even with a shortened day, there was HMGS-PSW action on Sunday.

The AK-47 “…threaten the Carl Vinson, did you”, Check you 6 “Here come the Heavies”, Crossfire “Death in the Boccage”, Fire & Maneuver “Counterattack-Army Group North 1944″, all saw new or repeated action on Sunday. Since WR was co-running the Clash of Empires (COE) “Megalopolis 331 B.C.; Greek City States vs. Macedonians”, his photos taking was limited that morning so bring on the goats….

Additional photos and Megalopolis 331 B.C. game AAR found on Wargamerabbit’s blog: Link

All good Greek games need to start with a goat sacrifice (Oracles). The goat pool was just behind the temple.

COE Megalopolis 331 B.C. Armies face off....slowly advance.....dice ready.....goats nervious.


Battle-lines clash, the brawl is on. Macedonian center weakens then breaks.

Goats in action. Oracles for the Greeks to offset the Macedonian pike advantages.

City State Greeks were given 7 “Oracles” for use during game. So seven goats were placed near hill temple. Normally COE has no oracle rules but we used them as a hangover from Warhammer Ancient battles (WAB). To reflect “oracle usage, the goat miniature(s) was placed next to the unit “requesting” their omens….ie…oracle reading.

After several turns, both armies have broken their right flank opponents. The Greek mercenaries make their last stand as Spartans close in.

So….fellow GM’s. Take a short break and write up your game reports or link to your blog pages. If WR has any information wrong…please drop a note so I can correct post.

A great convention overall. Soon another HMGS-PSW will be planned. Send in your GM complete game request to David D. (Convention manager) when the next convention is announced.








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  • Harmon Ward:

    Excellent Report Michael, thanks. It was a lot of fun.

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