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Hello fellow gamers. Here is a link to the Battlebook Facebook page that has been set up to show the many battles being fought using the Fire & Maneuver game mechanic.

On this site, you’ll see the pics of the great Khartoum siege put on in front of hundreds of people at the Anaheim Muzeo during their recent Victorian Era exhibit.

Also, you’ll see some of the pics from the battle of Tarawa that was done to commemorate the Pacific war.

Most recently, you’ll see the pics of a battle “somewhere in Poland in 1944″ where the Russians attempted to take a critical rail junction from the Germans before their reinforcements arrive.

If you appreciate the pics and love to follow more of St, Crispin’s and Battlebook’s activities, feel free to like the page so you can see further content as it becomes available.

Under the direction and excellent organization of Adam H., another Aero hobbies (Santa Monica CA) game day has come and gone. With several events planned, even the rainy day didn’t prevent active gamers from their appointed dice rolling.  Reported by WR from Wargamerabbit.

Game presentations: WR’s 25mm /28mm Napoleonic game representing a 1805 Elchingen like action, a 28mm WAB Siege and Conquest game (storming the old french castle), and a 15mm FOW desert battle. Three different game write ups given below.


WR’s Napoleonic game was a scenario loosely based upon the battle of Elchingen 1805. Dan brought his early Imperial French so WR rostered up a 1805 Austrian force for tabletop action.

French Lannes V corps: Two French divisions of line and legere regiments (9-10 battalions). One battery of 8lb artillery for each division. Attached light cavalry brigade of three regiments (2x hussar, 1x chasseur a cheval) and 4lb horse battery. Small reserve artillery command of 2x 12lb positional batteries.

Austrian Column under FML Riesch: 8 line regiments (8×3 btns.), small hussar half regiment, my 1790′s carabinier regt for favor, 2x 6lb positional artillery, 1x cavalry batteries.

Table overview with Austrian forces deployed on the hillside (Abbey of Elchingen) and along the right side of photo.

Austrian deployment at start

Austrian plan….hold the hillside with the abbey position, then push the French right flank with strong Austrian force.Even an Austrian can follow those orders.

Austrian massed forces on Austrian left flank await the french appearance

French arrive. Their deployment was one command per turn….so the order of appearance was…French infantry division, French light cavalry brigade, French infantry division, reserve artillery (2x 12lb) if required. First French division arrives below. Two legere and two-line regiments with their 8lb battery. Read the rest of this entry »


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