Announcing HMGS-PSW Mini-Mini Wars!


Its Summer get your friends together and come on down!!!

Get more for your HMGS-PSW dollar(s)and start the summer off right with Mini-Mini Wars, a one-day only HMGS-PSW convention (hence the Mini-Mini Wars name) to be held on Saturday June 25, 2011, at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Anaheim (some of you will know this as the place where the St. Crispin’s Irregulars group meets). The address is:

1127 North Anaheim Bl., Anaheim, CA. 92801.

Print some and send around!!!

Mini-Mini Wars Flyer in PDF

Mini-Mini Wars Flyer in DOC

Summer Offensive Final Events List DOC

Summer Offensive Final Events List in DOC

Why now, why there, and who’s doing this, you ask?

A couple of us, myself (Steve Reid) Skip Gardella, Mark Deliduka, and George Paler thought it would be nice to have a “Mini con Gathering” to start the summer so with the backing and support of HMGS/PSW  we have organized our first “Mini- Mini con. June 25th is the first Saturday of summer, so it seems like a good time to hold the first of what will hopefully be a number of one-day cons in different places, in order to make your membership even more valuable and to help us continue to grow. The KoC Hall is a little more centrally-located, and though it’s too small for a weekend-long event, it should be perfect for a smaller, one-day con. Plus it’s affordable for us and it’s got free parking and a kitchen!

Admission will be free to all paid-up HMGS-PSW members, for non-members it will be $10 payable at the door.

Non-members are encouraged to become members and attend all of our events for free of course (hint, hint)! Members can check their membership status by calling 661-816-7991 and re-up by using the “Paypal” feature on our site.

The usual lunch and dinner fare will be served for the usual $5. Doors will open at 9 AM and games will run from 10 AM to 10 PM. That’s 12 hours of bonus gaming time to kick off the summer!

Regarding the games: There’s room for 7 or 8 games at the KoC Hall, and they’ll have to fit on 5′ x 8′ or 5′ x 12′ tables. The plan is to set up the games at 9 AM and run each game more than once, allowing players to try multiple games and allowing GMs to take a break and play in someone else’s game for awhile. To make things easy, we’re not going to have multiple sessions – the games will set up and stay set up all day long, so don’t be shy, try something you haven’t played before! Pretty cool, huh? We’ve got a few games lined up already so we only need a couple more, but preference will be for games that last 2-3 hours and we’re going to try to keep it to historical games. Contact info is below if you’re interested in running a game (we don’t have any ancients, Napoleonic, FoW, or naval games yet) but please keep it on the smaller side and be prepared to run the game more than once.

Mini-Mini Wars Flyer in PDF

We’re also going to have a “Painting Clinic” run by member Mark. Whether you’re new to the hobby and looking to learn “how-to” or an old hand looking for some new tricks, let Mark show you that it’s much easier than you think to paint some good-looking figures in a short amount of time. We really NEED some of you to donate some of the figures you have sitting around that you’ll never get to painting to make this happen though. See the contact info below if you can donate a few figures; the goal is that everyone participating (especially our newer members) can take the figures home after Mark demonstrates that painting miniatures doesn’t have to be intimidating.

The other thing we REALLY need is some volunteers to help set up and take down the tables and chairs, some kitchen help, some help to man the desk (checking for membership cards, etc.), and a few more games. To ease the work load from our already over-burdened officers Steve Reid has been tasked to coordinate the volunteers and help with all of the arrangements. If you have any questions about the games, if you can run a game, if you can donate some miniatures for the painting clinic, IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER TO HELP, or if you just want to say “Hey, it’s great that we’re having a one-day con in Anaheim, I’ll be there”, PLEASE contact me, Steve Reid at:

or by phone at (818) 951-1350.

Summer Offensive Flyer PDF

One last thing: If you want to come but live far enough away to not want to drive, there is an Amtrak station in Anaheim not too far from the KoC Hall. Check the train schedule at:

and get your tickets. If you can let us know when you’ll be arriving and departing at least one week ahead of the con we’ll make sure someone picks you up and gets you back to the station in time to catch your train. Just south of the hall at the 5 Freeway is the Disneyland bus terminal. Buses from all over pull in there all through the day and their traffic often increases on the weekend. From there a quick trip north on the 43 Bus line on Harbor Blvd. and you are just a short walk away from the hall.

That’s it fellow gamers!

Mini-Mini Wars

Sat. June 25, 2011 10 AM – 10 PM

Knights of Columbus Hall, 1127 North Anaheim Bl., Anaheim, CA.

Come on out, bring a friend, and play some games! Let’s make the first of our one-day cons a big success!

Steve Reid

Frank Patterson and his able assistant work on the Tarawa airfield. The island is set up with a lot of perimeter detail as American intelligence had the clearest picture of those defenses. As the Marines proceed inland, they are going to find the depth of the Japanese defenses.

As the battle rages, an American minesweeper braves enemy gunfire and coral reefs to support the pinned down Marines.

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  • Harmon Ward:

    A hearty “Thank You” to Steve Reid, Larry Stehle, Jose Mendiola, Skip and Wanda Gardella and all of the members who setup tables, games and and great looking miniature armies! Please post the pictures online ASAP!

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