Announcing Our Next Mini-con – Ancients Day

HMGS-Ancients Day    January 18th 2014 Due to the success of our one day themed events at the Knights of Columbus Hall, we’ll be holding a one day Ancients event on the 18th of January in 2014. Let’s all dig out those old armies and get them back on the table. If there’s a particular system […]

New Look For Our Forums

We have been experiencing a number of problems with our forums.  They were mostly cosmetic in nature, but one in particular was hiding the User Control Panel.  This is the link that allows users to change user information (e.g. passwords).  There were also some page sizing issues an the style colors didn’t provide enough contrast […]

June 2013 Progress Report

It’s been a little over eight months since our elections last October and this seems like a good time for another progress report on what has been accomplished during those eight months. Tax Exempt Status: All of the necessary paperwork has been submitted. We’ve received the official paperwork back from California so everything is done […]

Check Your 6 Games at Orccon 2013

HMGS-PSW members ran three Check Your 6 WW II games at Orccon 2013. In the first game Japanese kamikazes and conventional attackers targeted an American destroyer on picket duty around Okinawa, USS Ingraham: A pair of Corsairs from USS Bunker Hill close in on Ki.51 kamikazes while a third Corsair heads for another Ki.51 trying […]

Announcing Our Next Mini-con

HMGS-PSW presents: The Second World War When: Saturday, June 22, 2013 9 AM – 9 PM Where: Knights of Columbus Hall. 1127 Anaheim Bl., Anaheim, CA. 92801 Admission: $2/members, $5/non-members In the air, on the land, and at sea it’s all WW 2 all day. The games are all set (including a big FoW tournament); […]

The Occasional Messenger – Jan/Feb 2013

The Jan/Feb edition of the “Occasional Messenger” is now available. Highlights are listed below.  For the complete edition click here: Highlights: Dispatch from the President – John Harrel gives a status report on our incorporation status and a little insight into what’ coming in the next year. Upcoming Events – A listing of gaming […]

Aero Hobbies on Super Sunday

Several photos from the Super Bowl event at Aero Hobbies Feb 3, 2013. Aero Hobbies every 1st Sunday of the month. Check out the new HMGS event calendar too! WR was one of the American pilots flying in formation. Appears all had a great time before the Super bowl. Cheers from the roving rabbit…. WR […]

Command Combat: Civil War in Wargames Illustrated

Hey there everyone, This month’s Wargames Illustrated published an article about my game Command Combat: Civil War, of which I’m enormously proud. I’ll be showing it at Orccon on Friday and Saturday16 & 17 Feb 2013) , but I’d really like to show it at March Forward. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town that weekend […]

Three Month Progress Report

It’s been three months since our HMGS-PSW elections, so now is probably a good time to give everyone a progress report on what the new officers have done. Here are the various areas we’ve been working on: Tax-exempt status: The first couple of rounds of paperwork have been filed with the appropriate agencies. At this […]