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Historical Miniatures Gaming Society—Pacific Southwest Chapter

Bolt-Action-Sherman.jpgHMGS-PSW chapter is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote historical wargaming and the study of military history. Our territory covers Southern California as well as all of Arizona and Southern Nevada. We host two conventions of our own each year: Spring Campaign, and Fall Campaign. The precise dates of these conventions vary according to the Holiday calendar and space availability. In between our conventions, we attend major Southern California conventions and sponsor informal game days at local hobby game stores.

Mini-Wars 2019 is History. Mark you calendars for Oct 10th and 11th of 2020

We still have a lot of work to do to nail down the Spring Campaign, but the rest of the calendar is taking shape. There is a spring event in Arizona that I need to get on the calendar. This is a start. Please let me know where you can help. For example, Jeff Ballard is taking over managing our Mini-Wars Lecture Series. That will be a big help.
  • 01/24-01/26 Las Vegas Open Bally’s Casino
  • 01/25-01/26 Bowers Museum Naval Wargame Display during the Arthur Beaumont, Art of the Sea exhibit. This event will be held in partnership the the Ship Modelers Association.
  • 01/31-02/02 Game School Con – Educational Games Convention Irvine, CA
  • 02/14-02/17 OrcCon Los Angeles- Canceled due to Covid-19
  • 05/22-05/25 Gamex, Los Angeles – Canceled due to Covid-19
  • 07/08-07/12 Historicon, Lancaster PA – Canceled due to Covid-19
  • 09/04-09/07 Gateway, Los Angeles – Canceled due to Covid-19
  • 10/10-10/11 Mini-Wars 2020 Fullerton – Canceled due to Covid-19
  • 12/05/2020 USS IOWA Appearance (Tentative)
  • Arizona Convention (in the works)
  • San Diego Convention (in the works)
  • 10/9-10/10/2021 Mini-Wars 2021 CSUF Titan Student Center

This was our program for Mini-Wars 2019. Please start working on your games and descriptions for 2021.
Congratulations to our Essay Contest Winner Out Essay contest is over an the winner is “Allied Amphibious Doctrine, the Landing Craft Shortage of 1943-1944, and Operation OVERLORD”” By William F. Lawson. You can download a readable version of the essay at the link below. Link to Essay

Mini-Wars Painting Contest

By now most of you would be familiar with our Captain Keennon figure. He was sculpted for us by Faron Betchley and cast for us by Askari Miniatures for Mini-Wars 2017. We figure three years is long enough to get one miniature painted, so we need you to bring them out! There will be an HMGS-PSW Miniature Painting contest this fall. Among the awards will be a $100 Cash Prize for the best Captain Keennon figure. It would be great to see a full squad of them on display at our next convention. Rules Overview: Categories—The Captain Keennon Category is only open to HMGS-PSW members who were awarded the miniature at one of our previous conventions. Grand Prize $100. The other categories will be open to members and non-members. Best Historical Individual Best Historical Unit Best Historical Vehicle Best Science Fiction Best Fantasy To enter the contest email 3 photographs of the miniature to the HMGS-PSW for Judging. Entries must arrive by October 31st. Include your name, address, city, state and zip and telephone number. Include a description of the miniature that includes: Name, Historical Year Depicted, Scale, Manufacturer and a Description of the miniature. This information will not be revealed to the judges. Email Address: hmgspsw2018(at)gmail.com (Replace the (at) with the “@” Symbol) We haven’t had a miniature painting contest since I joined the HMGS-PSW years ago. Honoring the art and craft of painting miniatures is something that gives a broader base and greater appeal. I wish you all could have seen the hundreds and hundreds of people who paraded past the ship model and wargame exhibit that we hosted at Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana. Who knows how many future members we impressed that day?