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Historical Miniatures Gaming Society—Pacific Southwest Chapter

Bolt-Action-Sherman.jpgHMGS-PSW chapter is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote historical wargaming and the study of military history. Our territory covers Southern California as well as all of Arizona and Southern Nevada. We host two conventions of our own each year: Spring Campaign in March and Fall Campaign in September. In between our conventions, we attend major Southern California conventions and sponsor informal game days at local hobby game stores. A group of us will be at Kingdom Con in April down in San Diego.

Announcing “Victory in Van Nuys” on March 23rd, 2019 in Van Nuys, CA

We have some exciting events coming up this year that I would like to share with you. On March 23rd, 2019 we are having an event at the Van Nuys National Guard Armory located 17330 Victory Boulevard. We will begin at 9:00AM. John Harrel’s hot dog lunch will be included with the price of admission which is $15 for members and $20.00 for non-members. Submit via this online form (or print out this form and mail) to register to run a game or tournament.
Follow this link to buy your tickets online and save the from desk volunteers! Ticket Link
Victory in Van Nuys PEL
  • Name: 1940 17 Dec. Breakthrough at Sidi Barrani – Western Desert
  • GM Name: Stephen Phenow sfp55(AT)aol.com (Replace the (AT) with a @) https://www.facebook.com/groups/SFVwargamers/
  • Time: 10AM-5PM (Noon Lunch Break)
  • Rules: Wustenkrieg v12 15 mm Armored Warfare. E-mail game designer sfp55(AT)aol.com for more rule info. (Replace the (AT) with a @)
  • Age Limits: 13+
  • Maximum Number of Players: 7
  • What to bring: D6. All other Equipment supplied
  • Description: The attack at the Italian camp IV Div. HQ near Sidi Barrani took its defenders by surprise as the British 7th Royal Tank Regiment after being reduced to 9 Matildas Mk Ifs supported by the West Surrey Regiment out flanked the Italian defenses. During the night the British troops had moved around the sparsely manned Italian outposts under the cover of a sand storm and attacked at dawn. While the Italian Colonial troops fought bravery, they were eventually defeated after losing their commander Gen. G. Maletti, who fell leading his troops. This defeat broke the Italian defensive line in Tobruk area and started X Corps’ retreat to its eventual capture at Beda Fomm. Can these Italians do better? See Operation Compass Osprey History Series for background to Compass.

  • Name: 1942: Firestorm Stalingrad Flames of War Tournament Event
  • GM Name: Lost Angeles Gaming Group – Christian Sorensen 323-246-2208 christian.sorensen99 (AT) gmail.com (Replace the (AT) with a @)
  • Time(s): 3 rounds of duration 2 hours 15 minutes starting at 9:30AM, 12:15PM and 3:00PM
  • Rules: _Flames of War v4 with CityFighting rules from Iron Cross/Enemy at the Gates and Firestorm: Stalingrad rules from Battlefront. Scale is 15mm
  • Age Limits: _Must be able to reach the minis at the center of the tables without assistance!
  • Maximum Number of Players: Maximum will be 20, more can be accomodated if we get notice by March 15th.
  • What to bring: Players should bring lists, minis and dice necessary to field both an 85 point “Open Field” force and a 50 point “City Fight” force. Players will be asked to pre-register as either an Axisor Allied (Soviet) player and a Force Captain will be picked for each side.
  • Description: Firestorm Stalingrad:1942 will be a fun one-day tournament based on Battlefront’s published Firestorm campaign rules. An added feature will be the use of their fast-paced CityFight missionsfrom the Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates source books using gorgeous multi-level locally produced building models. Three rounds of play will see the strategic initiative shift back and forth as the Soviet side begins round one with “Operation Uranus”, switching to the Axis for round two with “German Counterattack” and switching back to the Soviets for round three with “All Around Defence”. Control of areas in the countryside around Stalingrad will shift depending on match results whilst in the city itself a separate City Fight Track will record milestones achieved by either the Soviet or German side. At the end of the campaign Victory Points will be totalled and one side or the other may win either a Strategic, Operational, or Tactical victory, or it may all result in a bloody Stalemate! The top performing Generals on each side will also be recognized. Axis lists, including Command Cards, can be drawn from all the available Axis sourcebooks for MidWar (Afrika Korps, Iron Cross, Ghost Panzers and Avanti), including the NoDiceNoGlory PDF files for Romanians (November Nightmare) and Hungarians ( Desperate Defence) with the proviso that only equipment available on the Eastern Front in 1942 will be allowed. Similarly, Soviet lists can be drawn from both the Enemy at the Gates and the Red Banner sourcebooks with 1943 equipment specifically disallowed. A master list of equipment restrictions will be posted on the Facebook event notice sites and emailed to registered participants.

  • Name: 1945 – Festung Breslau
  • GM Name: Michael & Daniel Verity mrverity58@yahoo.com Blog: https://wargamerabbit.wordpress.com/gaming-warren/
  • Time: 10am to 5pm (7 hours est.)
  • Rules: Flames of War Ver3.0, MRB & Berlin supplement version.
  • Age limits: 13+
  • Max. Players: 8 players with two GMs.
  • All game materials provided.
  • Description: FOW open country and city fighting scenario for the other “Berlin” major citywide siege during the final months of WWII. The battles of Breslau start mid February 1945 and continued till after the fall of Berlin, Hitler’s death, the capitulation just two days before the final German surrender. Soviet Red Army has surrounded the city, entrapping German military and citizens in the doomed city, leaving only central city roadway “airfield” for aerial resupply. Chaotic battles ensued with Soviet tanks and infantry fighting grimly into the city, across shelled fields or built up city blocks, defended by entrapped German infantry, Hitler Youth units, police officers, and Volkstrum battalions filled with WWI veterans. Unlike Berlin, Breslau never recovered as a German city, almost the entire city was leveled, and German population either killed during the battles, the cold winter, or forced to leave from post war Polish relocation.

  • Name: Ancients-Pre 1485: De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) -Contest of Champions
  • GM Name: Harry Dudrow hdudrow(AT)aol.com
  • Time: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Rules: De Bellis Antiquitatis Version 3.0 Scale is 15mm
  • Age Limits: 13+
  • Maximum Number of Players: 8, more can be accomodated if we get notice by March 15th.
  • What to bring: Players can bring lists, minis and dice necessary to field an army, or loaners will be available. Please contact Harry by March 15th to discuss loaner armies.
  • Description: Based on the Society of Ancients Annual Championships all games played during the day will count toward the title. Maximum of two games against any one opponent. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and zero for a loss. There will be a “Slayer” prize fro the most kills.

The British Regulars rally to protect the Prime Minister.
  • Name: 1940 Kill Churchill!
  • GM Name: Michael Gunson mgunson(AT)earthlink.net
  • Time: 10:00AM – Noon
  • Rules: Bolt Action, 2nd Edition Warlord Games, Scale is 15mm
  • Age Limits: none
  • Maximum Number of Players: 6
  • What to bring: Everything provided
  • Description: Churchil and his staff are pouring over maps and diagrams that outline Britian’s defenses in the months after Dunkirk. Suddly, the drone of aircraft engines is hear, but there are no explosions from the bombs. A quick look outside reveals a sky full of parachutes. The Germans are coming for Churchill! On Sunday March 4th we ran a test of the game at Game Empire in Pasadena. Here are some additional images: The Campaign Rule Book, The German glider, Churchill and some of his staff

  • Name: Warlord Games Demos
  • GM Name: Troy Hill/Jacob Shober
  • Time: 10:00AM to 5:00 PM. Noon lunch break
  • Rules: Bolt Action V 2, Cruel Seas, Warlords of Erehwon
  • Age Limits: 13+
  • Maximum Number of Players: 4 per table
  • What to Bring: Your sense of Awe and Adventure
  • Description: Whether you like World War II skirmishes, Naval Warfare, or fantasy battles with Dwarves and Undead, stop by the Warlord Games demo tables. Troy and Jacob will have a variety of games created by Warlord Games for demonstration play. Games will include Bolt Action Ver 2, Warlords of Erehwon, and Cruel Seas. Times will vary, and games will take approximately 90 minutes.

  • Name: 1500 Great Italian Wars
  • GM Name: Adam Hammer
  • Time: 10AM
  • Rules: Pike And Shotte. 28mm
  • Maximum number of players: 10
  • What to Bring: All material will be provided and beginners are welcome.
  • Description: Great Italian Wars – The Imperial Forces are attempting to push the French Army out of Italy. A pitched battle featuring some very colorful and diverse troops : Landsknechts, Gendarmes, Arquebusiers, Swiss Pike, and tons more.

  • Name: Flea Market
  • GM Name: Tom Seeling
  • Time: 10AM-4:00PM
  • Description: State regulations prohibit us from having a raffle or commercial vendors at the convention. We may have a Flea Market. Details will be forthcoming but we have a few hundred pounds of metal to weight down your painting table.


Mini-Wars 2019 will be at Cal State Fullerton on September 28th and 29th.
If you are interested in hosting a game at either event, please let me or Harmon Ward, our Convention Chair, know as soon as possible.  We will need to know what event you would like to host and how much table space you will need. There is a form included in this mailer that outlines the information we need to list your game.I am also negotiating with the local hobby stores about conducting a regional Bolt Action tournament.  The idea is that each player will compete at their local hobby store.  There will be two winners per store, one Axis and one Ally.  There will then be a final single elimination tournament at a location be determined.  We are still working out the logistics, but I will let you know as soon as we have details.


As the New Year is approaching it is also time to renew your membership.  As most of you know, we started moving our annual calendar to the start of the year a long time ago. Working everything from convention to convention makes things difficult for our unpaid staff.  There is a link to our PayPal account in the side bar to the right of this entry. Please also consider making a monthly contribution from $5 to $10 on your credit card. I look forward to gaming with you in the future.
Dana Hohn, President HMGS-PSW